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Ailee Plastic surgery

I didn’t want to post this cause you know, but people kept asking and I must say i’m not shocked. The nose job speak for itself, but I always thought she had a chin implant but let the assumption go after a while, but at least in my opinion the drastic change in her chin is pretty noticeable if you compare length. Though she had a Vline pre debut her chin wasn’t as prominent and her jawline looks much longer.

 I actually told people previously if she gave into bleaching her skin, she probably did more, but it kinda shows how Korean standards get anybody and everybody. Really what she did is considered normal in Korea and a must in the industry.

Jaw shaving pretty graphic, so watch at your own risk

Real story pictures go in order of the dates

"I’ve always been preparing to makeup my mind. I had consultations getting around here and there because of high price, everyday the same repetitive pattern. It was so hard and stressful to live like this with a inferiority complex. So I decided to get surgery not wanting to live like this anymore.

Seem’s like it was never even square, see my Vline

After the surgery, there wasn’t much pain or swelling as I thought. Actually, I worried a lot, but it seems like I had no surgery at all. Already one week has passed, now I wished I could’ve gotten surgery earlier seeing time pass by so quickly. :) At last I could see my face one week after surgery(referring to having the brace on her face removed). Already a lean face I wanna put on some makeup and hangout with my friends.

Already 5 months have passed. Now I don’t remember my previous face with the wide square jaw when I look in the mirror, as if I never looked that way. My friends are just so excited saying that I became fairest of the fair. Though I say i’ve always been so because it is my face now at any rate. (meaning her beauty has always been there/hers, itjust existed in a different form and that the surgery just revealed it since at the end of the day it’s her face and features that were molded to become more beautiful). My primary school friends don’t recognize me at all, I feel a bit sad that they cannot recognize me but I suffered too long(to be sad) and I have more days to live. I think i’m lucky that I can live with much more confidence along with a prettier appearance ~

Model expressions throughout lots of selfies with a pretty face

It’s been almost a year since I got surgery. I’m enjoying college life a lot since these days and i’m preparing for a job early. The surgery wasn’t for a job interview or something(it’s common for Koreans to go under the knife to increase there chances of getting a job or are even asked to by the employer), but I think I may hear good news. There was no big swelling after the surgery and I could get a smaller face 1-2 months after the procedure. I am happy with the pure innocence and feminine image it came with!!!!! Thank you^^

Clinic is The Line Plastic surgery 

Here is the lady from secret plastic surgery, that sadly people thought she was man, she’s not but her results are just not but more amazing. You have to be extremely skilled to shave off that much mandible.

Anyways she looks amazing though I think she was beautiful before as well.

I suggest starting at 1:53 to 5:45 for her story and at 10:00 for her transformation

People have been asking me to post video’s of what happens before,during and after getting jaw surgery. I’ll try to post a couple more, try to find a graphic one when it comes to jaw shaving.

The clinic is Cinderella Plastic Surgery clinic very popular with a lot of good reviews and celebrity promotions.

I suggest starting at 4:49 and so on is where you learn more about her, plus her trip to the clinic and get ready you can tell she’s really nervous.

Video’s/results like these are one of the best examples of plastic surgery being an art she looks amazing.

Korean Plastic surgery

MVP plastic surgery clinic

Cheekbone reduction

Namu Plastic surgery clinic

Korean Plastic Surgery

Korean Plastic Surgery

Day 1 to month 6 transformation 

Korean Plastic Surgery