actually I'm a fan of exo and i'd like to know if any of them did. i've heard a few rumors bout Tao, Kai and Baekhyun.. i'm just curious bout it ^3^ — foreverexo-l

As of now. 

I thought Kai had double eyelid surgery, but after some other picture’s I think he’s natural, but his double eyelid’s in some picture’s look REALLY unatural, I would be surprised if he them tweaked 

 Chanyeol I don’t think had anything especially if you look at his nose, plus the way his double eyelid’s form is really uneven, doesn’t seem like the work of surgery

T think Suho had something done to his bridge though

I think Baekyun had a nose job and his eye’s tweaked 

Not sure about D.O.

Sehun I also think got something done to his nose, the way the tip of his nose shape’s now give’s it away

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