Ailee Plastic surgery

I didn’t want to post this cause you know, but people kept asking and I must say i’m not shocked. The nose job speak for itself, but I always thought she had a chin implant but let the assumption go after a while, but at least in my opinion the drastic change in her chin is pretty noticeable if you compare length. Though she had a Vline pre debut her chin wasn’t as prominent and her jawline looks much longer.

 I actually told people previously if she gave into bleaching her skin, she probably did more, but it kinda shows how Korean standards get anybody and everybody. Really what she did is considered normal in Korea and a must in the industry.

I’ve been asked a couple(a lot actually) about Minzy’s nose job and if I can post more pics/thoughts. Honestly I don’t see why it’s such a big deal It’s so obvious and what exactly would all the shielding proove if she just admitted? 

People this is KPOP almost everyone goes under the knife. I don’t see why it’s so hard to believe that a girl who was bullied about her looks for 4 YEARS would get a little self conscious and go on the knife. Let alone having to be told she’s not beautiful enough to be a celebrity.

Minzy has emphasized on her nose in so many selca’s, if tweaking it makes her happy just understand and move on.  How far does she have to go for you to notice. Since only the 3rd and 4th pic are comparing her old nose to her RECENT nose. The others are from her previous nose job.

Anyways, I do agree with the NB comments that she really needs to take things steady since this is her 2nd nose job this year. I don’t want her trying to fix too much that she and fans will regret, too much of anything is bad and she’s already beautiful >.< 

 Seohyun Plastic surgery

Basically this pic was being spread around of Seohyun’s double eyelids looking swollen and her whole face in general. In my opinion like others it looks like she recently had things done which would explain her face looking so bloated and her crease being so high for that short period, since it’s not tape.

Yoona Plastic Surgery

So i’ve been getting a ton of yoona questions about her work. Honestly her nose job is one of the most obvious ones in Kpop. I don’t see why Sones/stans always deny it, she was like 16 when she got her nose done,but that age is common for ps. Anyways you can ell in the 1st two pics the tip of her as become longer, her nose bridge is higher and arch of her nose isn’t slanted anymore..

Looking at it now I think she might have had something done to her eyes as well,  the 3rd and 4th pic are over 7 years apart yet she looks younger after her eyes look more almond shaped.  

note Yoona has also had a Chin and forehead implant as well.

Boa Vline surgery

Someone pointed out the change for me like last year but I’m deciding to finish all the SM idols. The most drastic change is her chin which used to be square and is now slimmer and pointier. I’m pretty From what I hear possible nose job as well.

Well I’ve noticed for  while that Jong has been looking hella different lately, but from fans asking me I looked more into it and yeah I think he had his eyes tweaked in a couple of places main factor being double eyelid, his eyes are more rounded and his inner corners look cut. 

The fact he had his nose done makes him having his eyes more likely  pretty obvious since nose and eye procedure combo is extremely common in Korea

also guys Jong had 2 nose jobs, one prior to the accident which was for cosmetic reasons and one after which was for medical.

 Song Ji Eun recent double eyelid surgery

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Minzy Nose Job

This honestly shouldn’t be a surprising with how much hate she gets for her looks.

Also the 2nd photo is recent and it seems like she’s had her nose touched more than once, probably fillers 1st time and surgery 2nd seeing the change in her ala. 

Also makeup can’t make a nose grow definition, it just creates an illusion. Anyone who’s seen Minzy’s pre debut and her 2007 pics would know her nose is just naturally flatter. The change in her nose is too drastic to be contouring. 

Krystal Jung double eyelid surgery. This has been requested a lot and to be in detail so…..

Like I keep telling people who PM me, she had it done twice. Once in like  in 2010-2011  and again like 2 months ago. She did have double eyelids before, but they weren’t visible. It looks like she wants them to be deeper ,but once they heal they kinda disappear again.

The 1st pic is comparing Krystal around the time she debut, to after the 1st time she had work done and she healed. 

2nd and 3rd pic are comparing how her eyes looked before they healed to after. You can see what I mean by they disappeared.

4th and 5th are comparing how her double eyelids look after her 1st one to her 2nd one. The reason why her double eyelids look deeper in the 2nd one is because she just had them done. 

So I hope this debunks the theory of “how could they get plastic surgery if they were promoting”. So many idols do it, during and cover it up with makeup. Also I do agree Krystal virtually looks the same to how she did when she was younger, but that’s kpop. People do it and you don’t even notice.

Also it looks it she had her nose and teeth done lol.

Gumni double eyelid plastic surgery 

(it looks like she had her jaw done too)

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Crayon Pop twins Cho-ah and Way Plastic surgery.

I’ll be shocked if people are surprised by this. I’m more surprised that they look more similar after than before .-.

Park Bom recent chin surgery

Honestly I keep telling Blackjacks Bom has serious addiction with plastic surgery. I support plastic surgery, but it’s obvious all this work isn’t making her happy, if she keeps getting work done. Especially from such a bad surgeon. I don’t think belittling her looks help, but from how Bom started to now. She honestly needs help, this is an addiction. Sorry if i’m being rude, but i’m just really worried for her.

Jessica plastic surgery.

People have been asking me more about and what else she got done. Note I’ve had this in my draft since forever lol.

By the looks of it the obvious jaw surgery,i found out about the nose job i think 3-4months ago. I didn’t notice this, but Jessica had jaw correction because if you look her jaw was uneven. Also bimaxillary, because her jaw isn’t as long/doesn’t stick out as it used to be.That’s my 2 cents :s

Hopefully this will get Sones to stop being denying SNSD’s ps. I love them, but you guys almost everyone in the biz does it SNSD is no different. *waits for hate*

Korean Plastic Surgery